Modern Talisman is . . .

the creation of Ramsey Finger and Melita Mullen.

Ramsey is obsessed with ethnic, tribal, antique, ritual, spiritual, rusty, and well-worn objects of all kinds. At the age of 18, he dropped out of college to manage a bead store. Since then, he has strung together 30 years in the bead and jewelry business, both as the owner of several bead stores In Madison, Wisconsin, and on the wholesale side. His travels have taken him to India, Nepal, and Thailand in search of beads and objects. At home, he creates pieces combining his finds with natural elements like antler, shell and river stone.

Melita and Ramsey met in 2016. Melita loves a good story and believes that art changes and stretches us, whether we make it or bring it into our homes. She comes to Modern Talisman with many years of experience selling artist-made jewelry, furnishings and objects for the home in print and online.  

 Store Opening Press Release, November 26, 2018