What Is Modern Talisman?

Certain things mean more to us. They become part of our daily rituals and special occasions. They reshape reality. They mark time.

The feeling of that coffee mug in your hand announces a new day. The swing of those earrings hints that tonight may involve dancing. The bright colors of a blanket bring warmth to a cold season

We created Modern Talisman, our small shop in Madison, WI, believing that the marriage of beauty and purpose is constantly being made new, around the world and across time. Well-made objects are endlessly fascinating. Old things take on new meanings. New things endure when they invite your touch and, in turn, touch your soul by summoning moods, memories, moments, stories or dreams

Modern Talisman presents possibilities, nothing more,
nothing less. Look around you. We hope you leave our shop with something of substance.

The magic happens when you make it your own.