Thai Buddhist Amulets - 10 Piece Mixes


Thai Buddhist Amulets - 10 Piece Mixes


Mixed bag of Buddhist amulets. Images of Buddha, Ganesha, various Thai monks, and other motifs. All amulets have jump rings or loops for hanging.

Country of Origin: Thailand

Size: Approx 1” x 1”, up to 1.5” (Approximate, will vary)

Material: Unknown Metal

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Random Mixes of Thai Amulets with images of the Buddha, various historic Thai monks, and other buddhist iconography and cosmology. Many were made to celebrate specific occasions at various Buddhist temples or for specific Thai Buddhist monks. Most of the inscriptions, either in Thai or Pali, reference these events. Other amulets are of a more general nature in regard to Buddhism. We are sorry but we cannot offer specific translations on any individual amulets. Most have images on both sides, though a few are only one-sided. Material: brass or copper.

These amulet mixes are chosen AT RANDOM. Picture you see is merely representational of the actual amulets you will receive. We DO guarantee that within each 10 pc mix all designs will be different. However, if multiple bags are ordered there may be repeated items within those bags.

NOTE: We do not customize bags. We do not offer selected amulets from the attached image. Individual amulets are not re-orderable. UNLESS: those amulets themselves appear separately on our website. This is a firm policy as bags are made up in advance and chosen at random.